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    How To post Events



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    How To post Events

    Post by GM_Erans on Wed May 16, 2018 7:35 am

    In this section you can suggest some event, so if most of the players agree with it, we can relaise it.

    We ask that during events such as Vs event listen to the GM or Developer hosting the event or it will be postponed or possibly closed...

    Mages= Mage Hero Only
    Rogues= Rogue Hero Only
    Bp's= Priest Hero Str  Only
    Warriors= Warriors Hero Only

    1.The following armor only is allowed if caught cheating will be removed from event possibly not able to attend next 1.
    2.If Hoster asks for a certain class to step up for vs that doesn't mean all classes step up.
    3.If Hoster tells you to leave you leave, If Hoster tells you to back up, you back up without question.
    4.Always listen to when your name is called will not repeat it all day.

    Follow those rules and will be no problem at all.

    People that do not follow the rules will be banned til hoster unbans them.

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