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    Rules: Posting in Cheaters Reports section:



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    Rules: Posting in Cheaters Reports section:

    Post by GM_Erans on Wed May 16, 2018 7:15 am

    1. False reporting will get You banned. MasterKO staff concludes that You made a false report intentionally.
    2. Use original ingame screenshots - edited SS's will not be taken into consideration.
    3. If You cannot give strong proof of person cheating by just posting SS's, try to get him on tape. Fraps or another recorder would do.

    Topic Title should be like so: "Cheater Report - "name of cheater" - "date"".

    Cheater Report

    Cheater's Char Name:
    Date of the incident:
    What the cheater did:

    httpSS's making Guide:

    Print Screen Picture

    To take a SS, press the Print Screen button on Your keyboard(often named Prt Scr). Then open 'Paint'. In Paint, press Ctrl+V to paste. Now You should see the SS in Paint. Then press File > Save as > Write in a name for the image and save it on Your Desktop.

    Ksc Picture

    To take a SS via Ksc Knight program, use ( - ) button on Your right side of the keyboard. The SS can be found in your MasterKO Client Folder.

    SS's uploading

    You can use those sites for uploading pictures:




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