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    Share Event ( TAG )

    Post by GM_Erans on Sun May 27, 2018 10:30 pm

    Dear knights.

    we decided to start a promotion event Post on every KO forum or any other forum... (facebook shares is allowed also.) It's allowed to post 3x times on the same forum ,so you can make topics
    in diffrent sections if you want
    Once you made the topic on forum post link and account ID. If you later made more promotions please update your current post.

    you can use one of our texts or you can make an own, in any language.

    >MasterKo is a free pk server to play {http://www.masterko.net/}
    you can easily log ingame with max lvl 83 with ready items and being ready to fight in cz directly beside that you could Enjoy with good Events that most of have some of advantages to Qualified you to be strong than others,
    |For Example :
    Adream zone Event "which has mobs you need to kill for getting Darkness items (drop ranges between 80-90%) with Easy upgrade.
    Myni Event (which has a quest by collecting 50x of each E, 50xB ,50xC to get {FN+1} beside its a good pk zone.
    BDW is an event looking like a war, The winner Side could get 3k nps and 1x medal { by collect 10x medal of knight} in each winning you can exchange 10x medal with {pathos def/attack}

    You can stay linked to the active Master GM team and players at our forum

    Web site : http://www.masterko.net/
    FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/Master-Knight-Online-151625355673…/

    ALSO you can post text here in these forums below:

    - http://www.gamers4life.com/forums/

    - https://www.ko-cuce.net/index.php

    - http://ko4life.net/

    - https://www.pvp-kenti.com/

    MasterKO TeaM

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