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    Rules of GFX Section; Rules of GFX Section



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    Rules of GFX Section; Rules of GFX Section

    Post by Chucky on Tue May 22, 2018 6:55 pm

    For the players.
    1: Attach a picture or background is required
    2: Use the sig for over 2 weeks before requesting for a new one!
    3: Do not request in multiple topics/posts that will lead to ignoring your request.
    4: Be respectful to every Gfx Member
    5: Don't ask for signature edits unless it is a spelling mistake.
    6: Don't be a jerk, be patient.
    7: GFX artists are a team, not literally, but we always help each other.
    8 And the most important  Donate to Gfx some Item if you like/signature .

    GFX ( Graphics ) Rules For This Section.
    1: Every GFX Member has to make 2 signature (at least) in every topic.
    2:using google's sigantures are not allowed.
    3: you must be active at least 3 days in a week
    4- Any Topic Still 3 day's without farther response/reply Close it

    How to Request a Signature? (you should use proper form) to receive your request as fast as possible Size
    Details about (background /colors)
    : what kind of signature should be! (explain any kind that you would prefer using it )
    We can not meet your request if you Do Not put the image You Want Which will help us meet your request .

    MasterKo Team.

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