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    Rules: Posting in Your Problems section



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    Rules: Posting in Your Problems section

    Post by GM_Erans on Wed May 16, 2018 7:00 am

    These are the new rules when You post a problem. Note that these rules will be strictly followed.
    Disregarding these rules will result in a closed/removed topic.

    1. You should write required info by using proper forum below.
    2. One topic is enough about Your appeal, rest will be closed/removed.
    3. Do not spam 'Bump/Up' topic. GM's will look at all topics.

    4. If You try to scam anyone or the GM team for items, Your Account and IP will
    be banned. We will not tolerate scamming and this will result in a permanent ban.

    5. We do not support inter server trades.

    6. We do not support scamming, be very careful with trading. It's Your own responsibility. We will still ban scammers, but We do NOT return the items.
    (If You don't trust the person You are trading with, You can call in a GM to help You with the trade. You both give the items to the GM and he'll give it to the one You want to trade with. before doing this make sure the GM is a real GM by PM'ing on the forum or MSN.)
    7. Items lost more than 2 months ago, wont be restored.

    Hacked/Lost Account

    * Account ID:
    * Chars names on that Account:
    Char Name_1
    Char Name_2
    Char Name_3
    * Last time you logged in:
    * IP Adress:
    * Email address used while register account:
    * Are you sharing your Account with someone? :
    Yes or No, if Yes, say with who.

    Lost Items

    * Account ID:
    * Char name:
    * Last log in time:
    * Date/time when u lost them:
    * Explain how you lost them:
    * List of items:
    * Are you sharing your Account with someone? :
    Yes or No, if Yes, say with who.

    Bugged Stats

    * Account ID:
    * Char Name:
    * Char Class:

    Clan Bug

    * Clan Leader:
    * Clan Name:
    * Bugged Alliance Clan Name:
    * Bugged Char Name:

    Use proper form and get Your problem solved faster.

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